Local Muslims helped terrorists for the attacks in Mumbai

Mumbai: According to the T.N.N. agency, Mumbai police told that the local Muslims helped the terrorist for this awful attack in Mumbai. (The moment police arrested Sadhvi Padnyasingh as a suspect accused in Malegaon bomb blast, every media start using the word 'Hindu Terrorism' every frequently and also showed the possibility of Hindus involved in this case. But now its 100% confirm that Muslims are involved in the terrorist activity and bomb blasts then why all the news channels are keeping mum on such crucial issue.  This is the Muslim encouraging pseudo  secularism of Indian television media – Editor)

The only terrorist arrested during the attack Azam Amir Kasab said," Local Muslims showed us the places, they informed us about the police stations and blockade and also helped for the accommodation."
(It's always seen that Muslims staying in the different parts of the country are disloyal towards their Nation. To end terrorism it's really necessary to find such traitor Muslims and harsh action should be taken against them. Current Muslim inclined congress government won't take any action against such Muslims. So if you want to be alive, then first thing you have to do is to pull down congress from power and should elect the pro – Hindu candidate who would take serious action  – Editor)

Mumbai deputy police commissioner (crime) Shri Rakesh Mariya, manifested skepticism about the local people might have been involved in the terrorist activities. But he also cleared that it's yet not proved. Mumbai police commissioner Hasan Gafoor explained that there is not proof of local people helping to terrorists.

According to the sources, the terrorists killed in Nariman house stayed there earlier.
(Muslim terrorist first behave like friends and then kills us. If every Indian starts looking towards them as a suspect and refuses any relation with them, then what is wrong in it? – Editor) They were staying there as 'Malaysian Muslim'.  Now police are trying to find out how the non Israeli got the room to stay there in Nariman house.  Police have seized some note books and documents for that matter. To kill maximum people was the motive of terrorist behind the attack on CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus).  Police got fake I-Cards and credit cards from the terrorist who died in the blasts. They got the credit cards on the fake name from different banks. 

Now police is trying to investigate about the cards, says Shri Rakesh Maria. Even thought there were report of 10 militants, but after the explosives seized from Wadi Bandar and Vile-parley, possibility of more terrorists in city can not be ruled out, he concludes.
(How much we are supposed to suffer because of these inefficient politicians. When these congress government will understand that 'attack is the best defense? – Editor )



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