Avalanche of organized religious agression on Hindu

1. Christianity which is based upon the gospel of hate, known as the Bible ( the so-called Holy Bible: “ Holy “ my foot ! ), uses a language that is different from that of Quran’s, but its meaning is exactly the same. Bible teaches an Exclusivist Doctrine, and its ten commandments are ten gospels of hate. All of them evoke hatred of Non-Christians. Bible particularly preaches hatred of idol-worshippers, who must be cursed and destroyed.

2. Christianity has dominated Europe for 1500 years, but is now losing its hold upon Europe. It is fragmenting in the USA also, although not as fast as it is happening in Europe. Christianity is trying to make up its losses in the West ( and some more ), by harvesting the souls of teeming millions of Asia, particularly in India, where there are large numbers of disadvantaged sections of the Hindu society. The strategic planning of Christian Leaders involves going after these impoverished and struggling sections of the Hindu society, and lure them into Christianity, by offers of money, bribe, gifts, and other material benefits.

3. In the past, Christian Missionaries used to go after Hindus in the cities, but now are much bolder, and have started going into villages and tribal areas as well. The tradition and habit of toleration of the Hindu society, encourages the Christian leaders to view the Hindu society, as a soft target, where it is extremely safe to go and convert by every means possible, by bribe, by fraud, by trickery, and even by force. Christian Missionaries never go to Moslem majority areas of India, where the risks are much higher, including the risk of losing life in short order. But Hindus are a different bunch, and are not at all likely, to give this kind of reaction or response. It should be clear to all Hindus, that Hinduism is the biggest target for conversion, in the plans and schemes of Christian leaders.. To accomplish this ignoble task, the Christian Missionaries are going at it with full efforts. Colossal amounts of money are being raised in USA and Europe, to facilitate the conv ersion project.

4. So, while Christianity is being kicked out of Europe, and losing control in USA as well, it is trying to make up more than its losses in the West, by expanding in India, by eating up the Hindu society, its religion, its culture, and destroy it completely all over India. It wants to establish a church in every village in India, its goal is to Christianize the whole of India. The statements coming out of the mouths of Christian leaders make their intentions totally clear.

5. Christianity claims itself to be a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood.
However, this claim is a Bunch Of Baloney, it is Hypocrisy. It is the same Christianity that murdered two-thirds of Europe, during the Christianization of Europe. It is the same Christianity that murdered more than 40 million Native Americans ( the so-called American Indians ), during the expansion and Christianization of North and South America. Despite its pious and peaceful claims, at heart Christianity is very violent and aggressive. It wants not only to convert Non-Christians to Christianity, but to totally uproot their native religion, culture, their past, and their heritage, in fact to make them hate their past and heritage.

6. In North-East India, where in some places Christians are in majority or in sufficient numbers, bands of Christians go out to Non-Christian villages and tell them:

“ This is a Christian state. If you want to live here, then either you have to live like Christians, or get out of here fast, or you will be evicted and killed. “




 By S.P. Attri ( USA ) - Source : Forum HU


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