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 Pakistan is the land of pure they say,
But killing people is what they do night and day,

Why do they do so u may ask,
For that u need to see the evil face behind the mask,

Pak is a nation born out of hatred,
Hence compromising with them is simply time wasted,

Tolerating them is the biggest mistake,
Becoz then betraying u for them is a piece of cake,

These people are never to be trusted,
They are meant only to be busted,

Now tell me for how long my countrymen,
Will we tolerate this barbarian men,

Enough lives have been lost on our side,
It is high time we open our eyes wide,

Lets wake up my men before its too late,
Its our duty to protect our motherland whose food we ate,

A Hindu who has dedicated to his motherland his blood, bones, and breathe,

Dying for it is for him the best form of death,
Hence my fellow Hindus, there no need to think twice,

For deciding to defend our motherland we don't need to roll a dice,

Remember fellow Hindus what the vedas have said,
They will go to heaven who while defending their nation been dead,

Therefore my dear Hindus after u go home today,
Tell ur children and say,

That our motherland is like a mother to us,
So protecting her is our greatest duty thus,

So even if God comes in the way,
We will never choose God over motherland anyway,

Its better to go to hell after saving our country,
Rather than go to heaven and let our country be history!



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