Poème de Ashok T. Jaisinghani

 What do the big pseudo-secularists say?
The death sentence should get a stay;
And should Muhammad Afzal get away,
To have another big chance one day,
To blow up the Parliament some way?
To bomb many more places in Bombay?
Or kill Americans by sneaking to USA?
Pseudo-secularists think it's child's play!
If Muhammad Afzal is given a pardon,
Will he work in Ghulam Nabi's garden?
Or will Guru escape to Syria or Jordan,
And get some bombs and machine gun,
To go somewhere to kill some big one,
In Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Madrid or Lisbon?
Will he bomb the Parliament in London,
Or bomb the White House in Washington?

Getting lots of money to live in mansion;
Hard work, pseudo-secularists abandon;
They always hop from station to station;
Talking secularism is their great fashion;
They oppose even Court's good decision.

How much do the pseudo-leaders fail?
Before the bombs they turn very pale;
Lacking courage, each shows his tail;
Democracy in India, they want to derail;
The terrorists, they want to openly hail.

They want the big killers to get bail;
They don't want the criminals in jail;
Even when the victims' kin do wail;
India's interests, they put up for sale;
Often to foreign countries, they sail.

Dirty games, the pseudo-secularists play;
Some politicians are not willing today,
To see all the people happy and gay;
They are always waiting for that day,
When terrorists kill leaders some way.
They want the leaders to be blown away,
To become the statues with feet of clay;
When great reverence, they can display,
By garlanding the statues, and also pray,
That they make lots of money every day.

The pseudo-secularists believe in hypocrisy,
But they all talk of Freedom and Democracy,
Work against the interests of Hindu majority,
Get money and prizes by appeasing minority,
Don't even care for India's territorial integrity!

Pseudo-secularists are ready to sell their loyalty;
On their anti-Hindu books, they get more royalty;
Even if their ideas and theories have no validity,
They are ready to ignore all the facts and reality,
As they have cultivated the anti-Hindu mentality.

All such traitors, the Hindus should boycott;
Their goods and services may not be bought;
Their businesses can be ruined and go to rot;
Very tough lessons, they should all be taught;
Let them clearly know they will all be fought.

Such anti-Hindu traitors, India requires not;
Each and every one of them can be caught;
Let them all really feel uncomfortably hot;
Back to their senses, they must be brought;
Even Hindu traitors, we should tolerate not

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