Message de notre leader Rohit Vyasmaan

Dear H.U. Members/Freinds/Supporters:

I'm alive and well. I have been extremely busy with our work in Bharat and continue to make slow but steady headway. We have made some very interesting allies over the past 3 years. I don't post on HinduUnity as much as I should but occasionally view the board. I still receive emails from our many freinds and foes but don't get a chance to repond to all.

There are many things going on in Bharat which some of you are very well aware of. Our work continues in the back end of various official and otherwise non-official projects. Over the years I have met some very interesting people and some offcourse through H.U. who work for our organization full time.

Though our enemies continue to get stronger, we are finally at a stage in the organization that we are seeing results and things are paying off. Over the last three years, we have shifted focus from various "grass roots" projects to other areas of work. Whilst some of our allied organization and freinds concentrate on grassroots projects, I felt there was a need to be fullfilled in "other areas" of our cause. I have seen great results. Counteracting the enemies at their own games and strategies via various methods in the smallest towns to the largest cities in Bharat has proven to be very benefic to our cause.

Sanjay ji and Amit ji continue their services to H.U. and have over the years recruited some very dedicated Hindutvadis. I can't thank them enough. The recruitment still continues this day as the organization grows.

H.U. was created in 2001 by myself. With great support, one simple website caused a wave of interest around the world and impacted the youths of Bharat. The banning of our website never stopped any determined Hindutvadi of Bharat from gaining access to the site. As a matter of fact our hits increased after Mumbai police put the gag orders on us. We still remain the most talked about and controversial Hindutva web site in Bharat and perhaps the world today. The gag orders helped us in an unbelievably positive way that I cannot really discuss in detail. Seems like the Divine was looking after us at ever stage.

I will keep in touch as time goes by but I just wanted to thank you all for doing your part in the battle against our foes. Every inch and ever paticle of sand in Bharat belongs to us Hindus. This is our land. Keep fighting and if you have to, die for it without second thoughts. Do not fear death when it comes to protecting your roots, culture, religion, heritage and land. If we loose Bharat, we loose the cradle of Hinduism. I wonder what answer we will give to our future generations when they ask us how we lost India to the Muslims and Christians. I would rather die fighting instead being present at such a dreadful inquiry.

Jai Shri Ram!

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Rohit K. Vysamaan Name: Rohit K. Vysamaan
Born: August 20, 1970
Place: New Delhi, India
Height: 5'11"
Education: [Not known] but sources say he has a degree in Chemical Engineering
Married: No
Current residence: New Delhi, Bombay and State of Idaho (U.S.A)
Profession: [Not known]
Linked to: Bajrang Dal and other Hindu militant outfits, Jewish Kach
and Kahane movement which has been banned from Israel.
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Politics

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