HHR Press Release - 8th March 2006, Terrorist Attacks on Hindu Holy City

Hindu Human Rights Group condemns the latest terrorist outrage aimed at Hindus in India. This time the attack took place at the holy city of Varanasi, site of pilgrimage to millions of people. Our sympathies go to the victims and families of the 20 fatalities and the 60 or so that were injured. Just minutes before the main worship at the Sankat Mochan temple, the incendiary devices went off, timed for what was obviously maximum effect in causing death, destruction and injury. This was followed by blasts at the city’s railway station.

HHR emphasises the dual fact that this attack was aimed at both murdering as many innocent Hindus as possible, but also as a symbolic attack on one of Hinduism’s most sacred places, an ancient city dating back thousands of years to at least the time of the Mahabharata. It is unfortunate that unlike analogous circumstances, the media chooses to largely ignore the specific anti-Hindu aspects of this atrocity. HHR is also appalled by the rather laissez-faire attitude of the Congress led Indian government regarding this and similar anti-Hindu outrages.



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