Insulte du Panthéon Hindou

Hi friends

This is Anthyoday Reddy from Barcelona, Spain.

i am surprised to see, our first god (Lord Ganesh) is humiliated very badly at a Discotecq in barcelona(el de vinode mar) I felt very bad  and taken up the issue with my friends to the club organizers and requested to remove ganesh picture. But nobody listened to our words. Even I conveyed to the local government bodies and local court. They are also in helpless state.

I have taken up this issue with government organization center for non -discrimination. Finally, they have taken the action against the discothèque and ordered to remove the Lord Ganesh picture. I am very happy to solve the issue.
My dear friends, Please don’t treat this issue as small issue. These issues will become very big in future. Then we don’t have chance to speak about our great culture created over the thousands of years by our ancient saints.

I request the Hindu community across the globe to protest & condemn whenever, wherever you find these type of humiliation to our culture.
Jai bholo ganesh maharaj ki … jai...

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