Sanatana Dharma and Persecutary Cults partie 2


No culture, no country and nobody is ever persecuted for their belief system.

They are persecutory cults. They persecuted Pagans, Jews and the whole Hindu group. They persecuted cultures and people. They persecuted different modes of worship and different views of God. They tortured people everywhere. They destroyed freedom of thought and opinions. The persecution was theological and ideological and it was sustained, systematic and unflinching. Religious massacre was ruthless. It was a `Holly Terror’. When Mohammad appeared on the scene he had available a ready and perfected persecution model from christianity to use for islam.


Open for discussion. Alternative views are entertained. People can freely be Advaitins or can believe in one or many Gods.

Closed ideology and to be accepted by faith.


Reason, philosophy and psychology play greater role.

Their beliefs have neither rationality nor spirituality. They are suited to a certain level of intelligence and moral development. There is now a great vested interest in these beliefs.


No problem with science

They are in conflict with scientific and cosmic discoveries.


No threats of punishment

Threats of hell are given.


Naturally evolved own religion

Foreign and imposed cults. Imposed by sword, aggression and occupation of the lands of the victims.


Respects all kind of systems.

Their faithfuls are arrogant and consider their cults and their god superior.


Both female and male deities

Only a male god


The Gods are easily accessible by all individuals. In Yogic Spirituality, God and Gods can be experienced or seen directly and one can live in their fellowship. And it can be done by all individuals who approach them in devotion, sincerity and truth.

This god is accessible only by the prophets or saviors or their coterie. Direct man to god contact is not allowed. This was done long ago by someone else and the best people can do is follow him and join the party inaugurated by him, his church or ummah. This god insists that the followers obey the prophet.


Kind Gods - free from limiting qualities like desire, aversion, hankering, ego and nescience, free from all actions, their consequences, present and future, active or latent - Klesh- Kama-Vipaka-ashaya.

Angry, jealous, violent, egoistic, vindictive, cruel, revengeful, unjust, militant, capricious, fierce, cursing, exclusive and bellicose god. This god is jealous of the existence of the other Gods. If people do not believe this god he becomes angry and curses them. This god has strong likes and dislikes and he has cruel preferences. He has his 'favorite people' and also has his chosen enemies. He is a choosing god. This god is also poor in higher ethical values. He lacks reason, he is high-handed. (And now two questions: Why should a god have to have such terrible qualities? And why should a being who has such qualities be called a god?)


The Vedic Rishies who have seen and experienced Gods have also developed various methods, Sadhanas, to gain such experience and these methods are passed on from thousands of years and they are available even today to a true seeker. Sage Patanjali even wrote down the Yogic Method of God Realization in his Yogadarshan Treaties for the mankind. Lord Krishna has also explained in Gita various Yogic Methods of experiencing God.

Prophets never sought god themselves. Revelations came all of a sudden to them. No Sadhana and no methods of contact. Even the followers have no possibility and no need for a direct contact.


Hinduism speaks of truths which can be experienced and these truths are verifiable by an individual. Verifiable truths, truths open to all.

The claims of the prophets can not be tested or verified by anybody as no methods are known.


All Gods are respectful and friendly to each other.

This god declares that all other Gods are false and devils.


Universal Gods and they are for everybody.

This god is only for particular people and works and operates through them only.


People seek after the Gods.

This god seeks after the people to make them his followers through a middleman


Philosophy of peace

This god and the prophets do not promote peace.


Hindu Gods are destroyers of sin and evil - Papanashaka. (Paritranaya Sadhunama…)

This god is a god of the sinners.


Gods do not need to make agreements with the followers.

This god needs to make special covenants with special people through special persons.


No Devil or Satan

They believe in one god and one satan. They see devil in everything connected with ancient original religions.


Hindus worship icons of Gods.

Graves and relics of saints and prophets are worshiped. christians have stripped off bodies of the dying saints to collect their clothes, hair, nails, ears, fingers, toes and nipples to take home to worship them. In France, Voltaire counted six foreskins of Jesus to which barren women make pilgrimage. One church in Rome keeps a phial full of the blood of Jesus and a phial full of milk from the breast of Mary. One church in Rome displayed for worship a cord by which Jesus was bound, a nail used to crucify and two thorns from the crown of Jesus. The Black Stone at Ka’ba is an object of worship. In some places, the Prophet’s hair (hazarat bal) is an object of veneration for muslims.


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