Tired of playing only defense

Think of a soccer match where a team only plays defense. They get the ball, take it to midfield and then give the ball up. All 11 players play only defense, but you know eventually they will let in a goal and will lose.

Why is this relevant? Because that is what hinduism is doing. We don't proselytize while we let others do. While christians and muslims continue to convert us, we take back a few, but we still keep losing. I say, let's stop this. Let's take the fight to them. Let's start converting hinduism in countries that have never heard of us.

For example, europe is ripe for a new religion. Droves of christians continue to abondon the church and are ready to accept a new faith. Over in Mexico and latin america, the indigenous people are treated with contempt. They are kept poor and while the whites keep the goodies. Let's target them.

Obviously we cannot match the money power of the christians, but we can do something. For example the internet has given us the ability to reach people all over the world. Let's start by doing the simple things that we should do, translate our hindu texts like the ramayana and mahabharata into other languages like spanish and make them available on the net. The same texts in comic book form for easy reading. Also if we can get say 20 to 100 hindu elders to actively participate in forum discussions extolling the virtues of hinduism, write to newspapers and magazines, that will go a long way.

Whenever a newspaper or magazine does a story on the jewish people, immediately that paper or magazine gets besiged with letters from jews. At first I thought that was a coincidence but it happens again and again. Usually a paper will only print a few of the letters that are received so you can imagine how many write. We can learn a lot from them. You change opinions by using the power of the press.

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